is a portal to alternative web searching.

Why not use the famous search engine for everything? Well the main reasons are to protect your own privacy, to protect the privacy of the general population, and in many cases to get better results (remember the "SEO" people target the famous search engine)!

The downside to this is that you need to think 'which search engine is best for this' job. And so we have a list you can choose from and we will expand it in future. The upside to using the right search engine for the job is often you will get better results and you will become a better searcher.

What indexes are powering these engines? To find out check out, from the makers of the mojeek search engine, which shows a nice illustration. Over time I will add more of the engines listed there on this page.

Privacy Policy:

  • This site does not use cookies, trackers, local storage etc.
  • It does use some JS to provide the basic functionality. This is not minified and easy to inspect.
  • Includes privacy-focused general search engines in the Privacy Category.
  • Includes other search engines for specific jobs, but I cannot guarantee they don't use trackers. However you will probably be 'less tracked' using this than the major search engines.


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